Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Haras Rafiq wants Ruth Kelly's money

As Ruth Kelly spoke at the Local Government Association today, you could see Haras Rafiq of the Neoconservative "Sufi Muslim Council" sitting by her side and almost rubbing his hands in glee when he heard that all he had to do was tow the government line in order to get funding from the Government.

In communist speak, Kelly spoke of "deradicalisation programmes" and basically talked about a state-sponsored version of Islam - step in Haras Rafiq - fresh from his trip to the Kibbutz, while Israeli bombs pounded Lebanon and Gaza.

Again, Haras Rafiq was dragged in front of the television cameras to support the government line - We ask once again - who are the "Sufi Muslim Council"? Who funds them? What are their links to the Labour Party? Why do they have such a close relationship with the neocons in Washington? What are the links between the SMC and the Zionists?


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